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Making Right Choices (MRC) provides school employees with an engaging sexual misconduct prevention program through both online and face-to-face training. MRC's customizable and interactive courses introduce participants to preventive measures and best practices that promote a healthy learning environment for students and those who serve them.

Some educators have questioned whether sexual misconduct prevention education can be effective at all, let alone when the training is delivered online. Among the believers that training is necessary, one prominent public school district suggested to MRC that offering online training that addresses such nuanced and difficult content couldn't and shouldn't be done. They suggested that educational personnel would be resistant to online training and that the learning objectives were too critical to trust to a sterile online environment.

While online training does pose unique challenges, it also provides some key advantages over classroom training. Among its virtues, web-based training provides:

  • A low pressure, “safe" learning environment where users can align their moral compasses to Ed codes, administrative regulations, and board policies.
  • The Convenience of 24/7 instruction availability from almost any computer almost anywhere
  • Self-paced learning, which allows users to exit and re-enter the course without losing their progress
  • Learner tracking which records their progress, assessment scores, and their completion of the training
  • Content stability which ensures that your entire organization receives the same training and key learning points
  • The ability to customize or adapt content to organization-specific needs


MRC's survey results support the claim that our training positively influences participants' attitudes and behaviors. Overwhelmingly, participants consider the training beneficial and worth their investment of time.

MRC collected responses from 3,713 educators who participated in the “Preventing Educator Sexual Misconduct" online training. This sample included 64% contract teachers, 18% administrators, , 11% contract classified, and 7% non-contract classified (i.e., substitute, coach, volunteer, hourly employee).

When asked to rate the quality of the training, an enormous 86% of participants gave the program a good or excellent rating and 81.5% said they would recommend the training to other educational personnel.

According to the survey results, participants reported:

As a result of this training...

  • 85% better understand how to report sexual misconduct
  • 85% better understand their reporting obligations
  • 87% are more aware of risk factors make employees more likely to cross
    the line with a student.
  • 83% are more likely to report misconduct
  • 80% are more aware of the damage suffered by victims of misconduct
  • 83% better understand how a balanced life promotes good decision making
  • 86% are better equipped to recognize when
    behavior is unacceptable
  • 85% better understand their district's policies
  • 80% would recommend the training to others
  • 83% felt the course increased their knowledge of educator
    sexual misconduct
  • 80% thought it was useful to hear from an educator that had
    crossed the line with a student


Many participants volunteered their opinions on the training. Here are just a few of their positive comments:

  • “I hadn't expected to learn as much as I did. The online course was very enlightening and useful. Thank you for the opportunity to further explore and illuminate my responsibilities as a member of the [district] community. The information you shared will be invaluable for any future job I hold in the school system. "
  • “As a water polo coach, this training has showed me that I need to step up my game when it comes to appropriate boundaries and policies on this topic."
  • “I am a surviving [formerly] abused student who wishes someone was there years ago to help me. If this training was available years ago, maybe other teachers would have recognized the red flags of abuse and misconduct. I am here because I want to help protect students as a mandated reporter. Thank you for this training!"

Another participant called the course “super informative" and stated that "This course SHOULD be taken by all employees—certificated as well as classified". Other educators commented on the course's organization: one “really liked the way [the course was] broken up into small segments" and another called it an “effective method to deliver very critical information regarding sexual misconduct."


As you can see, the survey results and participant feedback show that sexual misconduct training can be effectively taught online. MRC continues to collect and periodically review participant's survey results and comments. As a result of this ongoing feedback, MRC is continually refining and updating the preventing educator sexual misconduct curriculum.

Our clients may customize these surveys to capture information pertinent to their state specific Ed codes and laws, administrative regulations, board policies or anything else they want to learn from their employees.

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