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Glenn Lipson

Glenn Scott Lipson, Ph.D, A.B.P.P.
Founder and CEO
of Making Right Choices

Dr. Lipson is a forensic psychologist who has spent over two decades either treating or assessing the survivors and perpetrators of sexual misconduct, violence and other forms of abuse.

He believes that prevention is most effective when we understand the pathways to misconduct. The training he has orchestrated and developed is based on a career long belief that through working together with different professionals we are able to accomplish more. He developed this training through community participation research in order to insure its success and adoption by schools and colleges. Dr. Lipson's enthusiasm and dedication has attracted likeminded colleagues from different disciplines and careers that are collaborating with him with the mission of protecting our children. Dr. Lipson, a Diplomate in Forensic Psychology, of the American Board of Professional Psychology. He has worked closely with law enforcement and has published or presented in the area of harassment, threat assessment, bullying, cybercrimes, fiduciary fraud and stalking. He is one of the co-authors of a national threat assessment organizations risk guidelines. Dr. Lipson is also a Program Director and Professor in a Clinical Forensic psychology Graduate School. Over decades he has evaluated clergy, physicians, psychologists, teachers, and more who have abused those who were seeking their assistance. His reports and expert opinions have made it to the US Supreme Court. Dr. Lipson knows that training alone without follow through by employees can result in increased liabilities to their institutions. His approach thus includes working with institutions to clarify policies, roles and responsibilities, so that all the best steps are implemented.

Dr. Lipson's roles and responsibilities include:

  • Introducing the MRC program to educational institutions and Joint Powers Authorities (JPAs).
  • Providing program implementation support to JPAs and educational institutions, by meeting with stakeholder groups.
  • Facilitating discussions with stakeholders using his expertise, mediation and group skills.
  • Designing and developing new courses to address the needs of MRC clients.
  • Networking with colleagues to improve the training that MRC provides.
  • Attending and participating on related conferences, and serving on the Advisory Board of Stop Educator Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (SESAME).
  • Helping clients implement MRC's program in a manner that promotes a win-win approach and delivery.

Steve Sonnich, M.A., Organizational Psychology
H/R Risk Management Implementation Specialist
Making Right Choices

Steve Sonnich, M.A., Organizational Psychology

Steve Sonnich, M.A., Organizational Psychology, has 20 years of Human Resource Management experience as Administrator and Executive in school districts. Included in this facet of his work experience, are 12 years as the Associate Administrator, Human Resources at Grossmont Union High School District. Steve was instrumental in facilitating and contributing to the community vetted and researched flagship MRC course. MRC benefits from his experience investigating inappropriate relationships at school. His in-depth experience with the implementation of the course in a District with 4,000 full and part-time employees, his training of Administrators in the appropriate actions to take in relation to allegations, and his work with labor unions resulted in changing the District’s culture from reactive to preventative.
At Grossmont, he was the Chief Human Resources Executive Officer and was responsible for all Human Resource functions including Labor Negotiations. Steve was awarded the Statewide honor as the Administrators of California School Association (ACSA) Negotiator of the Year (2010). He has been a frequent speaker at professional conferences in areas as diverse as classification and compensation studies, personnel selection methodologies, and labor relations.
randy kasper

Randy Kasper, LCSW BCD

Randy Kasper, LCSW has over 25 years of clinical experience, seeking solutions for the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that create problems in people's lives.

Randy Kasper, LCSW BCD. has been contributing to and reviewing training material from the beginning of MRC’s prevention enterprise. One area of her expertise involves assisting employees negotiate life and career challenges. The emphasis of MRC on employee wellness is one of the central themes in our courses. MRC is the beneficiary of Randy’s ability to draw upon her years of experience as an Employment Assistance Provider (EAP). Healthy employees in general have better relationships with others, increased career satisfaction, less legal and work related problems. Randy, as an experienced EAP Administrator and Risk Manager has provided courses and held groups addressing the challenges of time management, stress reduction and substance abuse. She has developed integrated care and smoking sensation programs. Randy has helped employees deal with difficult life and work related events. In addition, MRC benefits from Randy’s skills as an organizational coach, couples, individual and group therapist. As an educator and teacher Randy is adjunct professor at several Universities, and a frequent speaker at conferences. Dynamic and engaging, Randy is available to meet with our clients. She excels in recognizing the actions to be taken, the use of good timing and also by providing the necessary follow through. Having a Licensed Clinical Social Worker as a member of the team brings an understanding and appreciation of the intersecting tensions related to institutional, societal and cultural factors that can be utilized to create the change in the organizational culture that is desired.

Randy Kasper, LCSW, BCD roles and responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating meetings and joining in discussions while bringing her skills in employee health promotion to our clients.
  • Assisting in the editing, reviewing, researching, designing of courses offered.
  • Providing group instructor led training sessions.
  • Attending and participating in related conferences promoting risk prevention.
  • Helping clients develop a strategic and constituent engagement implementation approach to launching courses.

Katherine Turner, PhD
Director of Research
Making Right Choices

Katherine Turner, PhD, Associate Director, Psychology Undergraduate Advising and Programs, San Diego State University

Goethe said “The way you see people is the way that you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.” Dr. Turner believes in using evidenced-based practices to train others, especially children and their community support members to make right choices. Dr. Turner has her Master’s and Doctoral degrees in developmental psychology from Stanford University. She also completed a postdoctoral fellowship in brain imaging. Dr. Turner has written papers on functional connectivity and visual processing in Autism.
She is passionate about teaching and is a lecturer in numerous areas of psychology including abnormal psychology, child psychopathology, cognitive neuroscience, learning and memory, personal development, research methods, and forensics. She is an Associate Director of Undergraduate Advising and Programs in Psychology. Dr. Turner believes that well-executed research enables others to identify strategies that may serve to help both the individual and the communities to create healthy boundaries and strong enriching environments.

Bruce-Alan Barnard, J.D., M.B.A.
vStars US Incorporated
eLearning Delivery and Development

Making Right Choices LLC has partnered with vStars US Incorporated for all online eLearning content development and content delivery services for our clients.

vStars US Incorporated is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business that was founded on 9-11 in 2011 by its CEO, Bruce-Alan Barnard, who retired from active duty after nearly 24 years of military service in both the United States Navy and the United States Air Force. Bruce-Alan has undergraduate degrees in education and technology and graduate degrees in business and law. He has been an educator since 1985 and has been actively engaged in education technology since 1990. This experience culminated in his appointment to the position of Distance Education Program Manager for the United States Air Force JAG Corps where he helped build an enterprise-wide eLearning development and delivery program, including launching the very first SCORM 2004 compliant LMS with eLearning content that was branched sequenced in 2005. Upon his retirement from the military in 2007, Bruce-Alan accepted a position as an attorney and an instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Brunswick, Georgia. In 2013, Bruce led a four-person team where he was the primary functional design architect of the proposed FLETC online campus.
Through vStars US Incorporated, Bruce-Alan Barnard brings all of his experience to bear on helping organizations find practical and affordable solutions to meet their eLearning needs. As a part of its mission, vStars US Incorporated seeks to train and employ disabled veterans to the fullest extent possible. Making Right Choices LLC is very proud to be a partner with vStars US Incorporated in their endeavor to build a company on a business model that places an emphasis on quality and affordability while seeking to help change the lives of disabled veterans.

Learn more about vStars US Incorporated at www.vstarsus.com

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Below find a partial list of people who are collaborating with MRC on course development.

Below find a partial list of people who are collaborating with MRC on course development. Everyone person listed below is involved (or was so for many years) in a career that addresses the topics discussed in our online training courses. Many of those mentioned are also recognized nationally for their expertise. Our independent SME consultants participate out of their desire to make a difference. Everyone listed is also available privately or through their employment to consult or provide presentations.
In this model of course training development that Dr. Lipson created, the emphasis is on developing a dialogue between both stakeholders and our dynamic multidisciplinary team. As a team we value the chance to learn from each other as we find the examples, stories, guiding principles, ethics and regulations that we share in our courses.
Dr. Lisa Boesky

Dr. Lisa Boesky

Dr. Lisa Boesky has spent the past two decades impacting the lives of suicidal teens by directly helping them or educating those who work with them.

She is a Clinical Psychologist, National Speaker, Expert Witness, Consultant, and Author of several books, including “When to Worry: How to Tell if Your Teen Needs Help--and What to Do About It” and “Juvenile Offenders with Mental Health Disorders: Who Are They & What Do We Do With Them”. She has been interviewed by CNN, CNN International, CBS News, ABC News, Fox News, NPR, and in print by USA Today, US News & World Report, and People Magazine among others. Dr. Lisa specializes in adolescents at risk for suicide, and has worked with challenging and dangerous youth in psychiatric hospitals and juvenile correctional facilities.
In addition to providing high-energy and content-filled Conference and Training programs on key suicide prevention strategies to professionals across the country, Dr. Lisa Consults with juvenile justice facilities and schools on issues related to suicide and mental health, and serves as an Expert Witness on legal cases related to mentally ill and suicidal youth. Find out more at troubledteenexpert.com.
Troy Hutchings Ed. D

Troy Hutchings Ed. D

Troy Hutchings is a nationally recognized expert in practical applications in educator ethics.

Troy Hutchings researches, writes, speaks, and develops materials on a national level in the areas of teacher sexual misconduct with students, educator decision-making, and the professional continuum-of-responsibility associated with a framework for an ethical and legal teaching practice. He provides training to numerous stakeholders including the U.S. Army, state and national policy groups, legal and investigative practitioner organizations, teacher education administrators, school district administrators and teachers, state teacher associations, department of education leaders, and licensing officials across the United States and Canada. Dr. Hutchings provides expert witness testimony in judicial hearings, actively collaborates with state, provincial, and federal agencies on policy initiatives, and develops university curricula on educator ethics and law. He has served as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on projects as diverse as the development of the national Model Code of Ethics for Educators, the Georgia Educator Ethics Assessment, and even a full-length interactive movie, The Good Teacher, dealing with teacher sexual misconduct with students. His contributions to educator professional practices were recognized nationally by the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) in 2009, when he received the Annual Doug Bates Award and gave the associated lecture.
Hutchings is Senior Strategic Advisor at Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, NJ, where he provides thought-leadership to research initiatives and practical applications in educator ethics. He has a record of full-time teaching, research, and administrative responsibilities at the university level spanning 15 years, and has also served as a high school administrator, teacher, and coach in public and private schooling environments for 16 years.

He earned his B.S. in English Education from the University of South Dakota, M.A. in Secondary Education from Arizona State University, M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University, and his doctorate in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University.
Frederick Lane Esq.

Frederick Lane Esq.

Frederick Lane is a nationally-recognized expert on privacy and the impact of emerging technologies on society.

He is an author, attorney, educational consultant, expert witness, and lecturer who has spoken to colleges, universities, and school districts around the country on a variety of issues, including student safety, electronic misbehavior, and digital privacy. Lane has worked as a computer forensics expert for the past fourteen years, assisting attorneys and their clients across the country in the investigation and defense of a wide range of cases, including embezzlement, domestic relations, obscenity, child pornography, and first degree murder. He has been retained as a consulting expert in nearly 100 child pornography cases, and in 2014 was accepted as an expert by the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (a branch of the DOD Defense Legal Services Agency) in the methodology and technology used to create, distribute, and acquire child pornography. In addition to his consulting work, Lane has been invited to lecture numerous times over the past twenty years to a variety of attorney groups and public defender organizations (both federal and state) on topics ranging from peer-to-peer networks to the basics of computer forensics.
Lane has written eight books, including most recently "Cybertraps for Educators," "Cybertraps for the Young," and "American Privacy: The 400-Year History of Our Most Contested Right." During the course of his writing career, he has appeared as a guest on a variety of national media programs, including: Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"; ABC's "Nightline" and "Good Morning America Weekend"; CBS's "60 Minutes" and "Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood"; NBC's "Today Show" and "Weekend Today"; as well as numerous local and national radio programs. Before moving to Brooklyn, NY in 2013 with his wife, Dr. Amy Werbel, Lane lived for 23 years in Burlington, VT, where he served for 10 years as a member of the Burlington School Board (including two years as Chair). He graduated from Amherst College in 1985 with a degree in Classics and American Studies, and from Boston College Law School in 1988. Additional information about his work is available on his Web site, www.FrederickLane.com.

Deb Myers

Survivor of educator sexual abuse and the author of Deception: A Deaf Girl’s Journey through Trust, Betrayal, Abuse, and Redemption

Deb holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling from Gallaudet University. She has worked in the mental health field as a therapist serving Deaf teenagers and adults as well as a family educator working for a statewide early intervention program serving Deaf children and their families. She is currently an adjunct professor of American Sign Language.
A mother of five, she has homeschooled her children during their elementary and middle school years. Deb Myers, a survivor of educator sexual abuse, is the author of Deception: A Deaf Girl’s Journey through Trust, Betrayal, Abuse, and Redemption. Deb has spoken on the subject of educator sexual abuse to elementary and secondary educators and administrators, as well as to college students.

Dawn Nguyen, Ph.D.

Dr. Nguyen is an experienced Trainer and Organizational Development Consultant with a Ph.D. in Consulting Psychology.

Dr. Nguyen’s expertise is in addressing the education, prevention, and intervention of sexual assault and domestic violence; and risk assessment, risk reduction, and prevention for workplace violence including bullying, workplace homicide, harassment and discrimination. Dr. Nguyen’s worked with clients such as CNN to prepare staff working in conflict zones, with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Atlanta District to improve mediation processes, and with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in addressing legal,
psychological and workplace issues, and consulting to The National Conflict Resolution Center in the development of a Bystander Training for Navy personnel. Dr. Nguyen teaches Violence in the Workplace, and Causes and Interventions for Domestic Violence to graduate students at The California School of Forensic Studies, and is currently developing a tool to assess organizational risk for workplace violence.

Hoan Nguyen, J.D., M.B.A.

Hoan Nguyen is an experienced mediator, mediation coach and trainer.

He has a diverse background from 20 years of engineering management and patent law work, to program assessment and development for higher education, to creating and managing the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Atlanta District’s Federal Sector Pro-Bono Mediation program. Mr. Nguyen is currently a conflict resolution trainer for NCRC, a member of the San Diego Superior Court mediation panel, and a mediator for the Federal government with expertise in employment discrimination.
Mr. Nguyen develops training, assessment, and student programs for higher education, and teaches graduate business law and ethics for Alliant International University. His past clients include UCSD, SDSU, Georgia State University School of Law, John Marshal School of Law, USD, EEOC Atlanta District, Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution and San Diego Welfare to Work. Mr. Nguyen is also an active member of the UCSD Chancellor’s Advisory Board.
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