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The Beginning

The Making Right Choices (MRC) online training, "Preventing Misconduct," arose out of a July 2008 meeting when the acting counsel for a large school district invited Dr. Glenn S. Lipson to discuss with school administrators some four recent incidents of sexual misconduct. As forensic psychologist he had previously worked with this district addressing issues related to the foreseeability and prevention of school shootings, discrimination, bullying and more.

Dr. Lipson is known for his expertise in dealing with violence prevention including cyber threats and work place violence prevention as well as different types of misconduct cases in various settings including schools, private companies, the military, law enforcement, religious institutions, and youth organizations. The questions that were asked in 2008 at this school district were both broad and specific: "Why is sexual misconduct occurring?" "What can be done to prevent these types of incidents?" "How should a district respond to a growing awareness of this problem?"

During the meeting, Dr. Lipson and others discussed the concepts of vulnerability factors, protective practices, life development, neurobiology, coping and defensive behaviors, and the types of life situations that place employees and students at risk. The group concluded that organization consultation coupled with training that addresses both vulnerability and protective factors would work best. Dr. Lipson’s utilized a new tool called “community participation research” to scientifically arrive at the best means to deliver the message so that it might be heard and also to glean from this community the alliances that were needed to have the desired impact.

However, no existing training course addressed the key issue of vulnerability factors. Subsequently, GUHSD commissioned Dr. Lipson to produce an online training course that would teach educators about vulnerability factors and how to recognize and respond to them. The plan garnered broad support and the approach was unanimously approved by the GUHSD School Board

A Group Effort

In numerous meetings over 18 months, many stakeholders and organizations volunteered their insights, ideas, and experiences while developing this course because they understood the need to make the training relevant and emotionally impactful. We continue to utilize this approach with the organizations that seek our training. These ongoing collaborations assist us in supporting dedicated employees in the desire to assist others and be effective.

The Evolution

On this journey, Dr. Lipson’s involvement and presentations in the United States and abroad has resulted in the forming of a community of like-minded subject matter experts and as well as industry partners dedicated to promoting prevention and fostering a deeper understanding of these complex issues. Credibility is key in risk management and prevention for engaging a community and also for gaining access to helpful public and private resources. Reputation is developed slowly with patience, humility, compassion and ongoing discussions. We foster multidisciplinary approaches that synergistically add to our effectiveness. Some of the individuals we have worked with are listed in our Subject Matters Expert (SME) section of the webpage. Dr. Lipson invited 3 of these experts to join him in forming The Ethics Consortium that creates and delivers remediation courses for the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification through the NASDTEC Academy. Together we are constructing new courses, speaking at conferences and leading workshops. MRC is bringing together and igniting the dedicated talent necessary for achieving meaningful institutional change.

To read about the impact of MRC's involvement with GUHSD, see the article: “The Positive Impacts Of On-Line Training”.

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