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"We partner with public and private sector organizations and businesses to help promote healthy environments for those they serve and all of their employees. Through organization-wide training, and face-to-face consultation, we foster coordinated communication among stakeholder groups to deepen their understanding of boundary violations, the value of risk prevention, resilience, and healthy interactions."


The MRC Goal

Our goal is that our training and consulting services will support your organization's ability to protect students and mitigate litigation risk. We strive to provide educators with knowledge and skills that significantly enhance their ability to MAKE RIGHT CHOICES. Educators who complete our training will be prepared to recognize and respond appropriately to risky behaviors and situations of all kinds.


We work with you, our client, to create training and seminars designed with your organization's specific needs in mind. All our services are customizable to suit your unique learning outcomes, and we will continue to provide support and consultation to your organization long after the training is over.

Ongoing Commitment

Our ongoing commitment to your organization's success goes well beyond the vendor/client relationship. We measure that success not only by our ability to provide quality training, but more importantly, we are results driven. We share your desire to protect student, and decrease the occurrence of misconduct. We know that we are successful when we are able to help you organize all the stakeholders to fulfill the mission of prevention.

Collaboration as a Guiding Principle for Success

During the development of our initial eLearning course, Preventing Sexual Misconduct, we worked closely with teachers, administrators, PTAs, volunteer district union representatives, attorneys, school psychologists, local clergy, and others to create a consensus-based solution to this sensitive, all-important issue. To learn more about the collaboration behind our training, see the article: “The Positive Impacts Of On-Line Training To Prevent Educator Sexual Misconduct With Students”.

Training that Works

At MRC, we believe that effective training occurs when attitudes and behaviors change over time. While others may only provide your employees with information, we provide them with experience. From scenarios and quizzes that test their level of understanding to interviews with actual employees who have broken the law, our course is designed to give your employees the tools they need to MAKE RIGHT CHOICES, regardless of the situation.

MRC's post-training survey results reveal that the majority of our participants consider the training beneficial and worth their investment of time and effort. The results also suggest that participants' attitudes positively change as a result of the training and that their response to misconduct will be more in line with the goals of prevention. To read more about MRC’s survey results, see the article: “Employee Survey Results Support Training Efforts”.

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