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According to a 2004 study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education,
1 in 10 students face sexual misconduct by school workers and these
numbers have started to be reflected in the number of lawsuits filed
against schools.

In fact, a 2004 report lists more than 600 legal claims and lawsuits filed against New York City public between 2001 and 2004. Nowhere is this trend as pronounced as in California where reported cases almost tripled from 2001 to 2005. The types of lawsuits filed and the amount in damages awarded are increasing due in part to many new—and sometimes convoluted—laws created by both state and federal governments. However, more often than not, the laws are clear and simply not being followed. The monetary costs of such incidents may include hundreds of millions of dollars in settlement and court fees if the claims prevail. The much greater penalties come in the form of lost community trust and long term damage to the student victims targeted in these heinous crimes.


In a matter of a few decades, Sexual Harassment Training went from a progressive HR initiative to a necessary function of risk management. Two landmark sexual harassment cases (Faragher and Ellerth), along with subsequent court decisions and guidelines established by the FEHC and EEOC, indicated that sexual harassment training is essential for all employees – not just supervisors and managers. In fact, because of these rulings employers now must show that they indeed provided training to all employees in order to raise a defense or mitigate punitive damages in sexual harassment lawsuits. Not only is this a legal obligation, but it also makes good business sense because sexual harassment destroys the work environment. The anxiety and frustration experienced by victims can impact not only their quality of life but also their work. Ultimately, the employer pays the high price associated with poor employee morale, low productivity, and the cost of litigation. In comparison, fees spent on prevention training are substantially less than the costs associated with sexual harassment claims and lawsuits


We now know that open communication and early intervention are essential in preventing and resolving all forms of harassment and misconduct. Making Right Choice's (MRC) “Preventing Sexual Misconduct" online training effectively communicates what all employees need to know to help prevent sexual misconduct. MRC provides your employees a more in-depth understanding of each person's legal and ethical obligations, not to mention the punitive actions that could result from irresponsible or inadvertent employee/student interactions. MRC offers its clients not only on-site and online training sessions, as well as long-distance webinars, we offer you the benefit of peace of mind. In today's highly litigious environment, providing periodic, high-impact training to all employees will prove highly beneficial in the long run. The problem of Employee Sexual Misconduct is becoming more and more apparent. Just as sexual harassment training emerged as a Risk Management Theme among most corporations in the early 1990s.

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