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Our online training courses mode of delivery is most often through a Learning Management System (LMS) and most of our courses meet the eLearning standard of SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliance. We also deliver training through mobile platforms and webinars recognizing that each of these mediums have unique limitations and other advantages.

MRC develops courses based on decades of expertise and relationships with other highly regarded individuals. vStars US Inc, who MRC turns to for IT and course development support, offers at least four choices for your consideration.

The online training "Preventing Sexual Misconduct" comes packaged with our Compliance Tracking Tool, a user-friendly web-based administrative site.

  • Facilitating the uploading of our courses on your LMS with the assistance of your IT team.
  • Assisting you in locating and purchasing the use or the lease of a fully developed LMS. Supporting your preparatory steps for implementation and utilization of the LMS by providing learning resources and support.
  • If you choose developing, a lower cost LMS using Moodle as a foundation for your use by working with programmers to tailor the System to meet your needs. We also assist with adoption, training, and customization.
  • Finally, you may utilize our LMS and take our courses through the cloud. We provide you with the information regarding your employees, administrators, volunteers and others that have completed our courses and those whose participation is still pending.

Compliance Tracking Tool

Even the best training can be undermined by bad technology. Our online and instructor-led training is packaged with the Compliance Tracking Tool, a user-friendly, customizable web-based learning management system (LMS).


An LMS is a Compliance Tracking Tool that allows your Administrators or H/R staff to check on the progress of training adoption and completion within your organization. Your own LMS, or maybe ours in the cloud, or also possibly the system vStars will help you to acquire, will provide you with the reporting tools that assist you in tracking participant information and their individual progress. Status reports maybe generated at any time and some of these options include interactive visual charts—namely pie and bar graphs. Reports maybe viewed by the individual, group, course, class, and maybe customized using a variety of criteria.


Building Your Online Training Library

Using your or our LMS, you may create an online library for your organization. For example, you can post policies and other documents through an LMS, run courses, and track completion of these tasks. Most LMS’s are capable of launching SCORM-based content, PowerPoint lectures, PDFs, or videos. These assets run seamlessly within many systems. vStars is also developing a library of risk prevention courses with MRC to assist you in compliance training.

Creating and Managing Live Training Events

We host live training events (Webinars). The gamut runs from a one-time, online course to a series of conferences with live training (synchronous learning). Many LMS’s accommodate various training needs by providing web-delivered coursework, testing, and surveys. We offer our clients the resources for the delivery of online content, videos, quizzes, or live training sessions.

As another learning offering, my graduate students for Public Agencies and Non Profits, if their travel expenses are covered and you thank them with a letter or certificate, deliver instructor led training using training manuals, coupled with presentation materials like Power Point Slides, videos, and participant manuals. The bilingual graduate students in particular translate materials providing training in different languages in addition to English.


Course Hosting

If your organization has purchased a learning management system or has PowerPoints, PDFs, or even Scorm compliant courses, you can run these seamlessly on your system.

Build Your Own Online Library

From within the Compliance Tracking Tool, you may post and track completion of other important documents, policies, and even courses if you have them.

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