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Online training offers unique benefits and challenges.

Among its virtues, web-based training provides:

  • A low pressure, safe learning environment
  • The convenience of instruction availability anytime from almost any computer with an internet connection
  • Self-paced learning, which allows users to exit and re-enter the course without losing their progress
  • Learner tracking which records their advancement, assessment scores, and their completion of the training
  • Content stability which ensures that your entire organization receives the same training and key learning points
  • The ability to customize or adapt content to organization-specific needs

To accommodate users with slower reading speeds and lower reading comprehension, our training includes both audio narration and on-screen text. To prevent participants from becoming distracted, they must often interact with the course to either advance in the training, reveal important information, or answer a question.

We have also tried to make the training personally meaningful in order to engage participants in a memorable way that will influence how receptive they are during and after the training. As we have already mentioned, another way that MRC engages participants is by focusing on resilience and other areas of positive psychology that increase each employee’s likelihood of avoiding risky choices.

The training also employs a number of unique learning situations including:

  • Scenarios , vignettes, and quizzes
  • Case studies of and interviews with school employees who have crossed the line with students
  • Live and interactive information feeds from the internet
  • Many interactive activities
  • And interviews with subject matter experts, teachers, and of course Dr. Lipson

As a result, the learning environment we have designed is both engaging and user friendly.

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