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The primary objective of our Preventing Educator Sexual Misconduct Training is to support school employees and empower them to cultivate and maintain safe learning environments free of educator sexual misconduct.

And our course is designed to support this primary objective by reinforcing healthy behavior and prompting even skeptical school employees to think critically about the issue of sexual misconduct. Our 90-minute online course helps educational personnel understand how to appropriately recognize, respond, and report problem behaviors without turning them into investigators.

By the end of the MRC Preventing Educator Sexual Misconduct course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify behaviors relating to educator sexual misconduct
  • Recognize when they or others are at risk of “crossing the line”
  • Understand what factors make some children more likely to become a victim
  • Recognize that there are different types of perpetrators of abuse
  • Better understand the damages experienced when abuse takes place
  • Recall the steps to fulfill their reporting responsibilities
  • Recognize their responsibility as mandated reporters
  • Identify how to protect themselves and students from harm
  • Increase their understanding of the education codes, regulations, and laws governing behavior
  • Practice strategies for healthy decision making

MRC has created an engaging interactive and instructionally sound way to prevent educator sexual misconduct.

To learn more about the collaboration behind our training, see the article: “The Positive Impacts Of On-Line Training To Prevent Educator Sexual Misconduct With Students”.

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