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Working together with caring and committed school employees, our training has developed organically for over five years. Our review process involved school administrators, PTA’s, union members, school lawyers, prosecutors, defense attorneys, local clergy, insurance brokers, school counselors, law enforcement officers, instructional design experts, and HR risk managers.

We collaborated with these valued stakeholders to determine how to effectively discuss sexual misconduct prevention with school employees.

While our training empowered employees with information about education codes, state law, the reporting process, and the red flags of inappropriate behavior, we discovered that school employees wanted more.

Due to our partner’s feedback, we modified our training to include an emphasis on promoting a safe and healthy work environment and have included employee health promotion strategies in our training.

We still work closely with our clients and often modify our training to meet their needs. Based on their feedback, we recently developed face-to-face training, posters and job-aids that support the main themes and key learning points of our training program.

Our efforts have been recognized as the only educator sexual misconduct prevention program recommended by the California School Excess Liability Fund (SELF). To learn about how our training has been beneficial to a school district in San Diego, see the article, “The Positive Impacts Of On-Line Training To Prevent Educator Sexual Misconduct With Students”.

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