Safeguarding What We Value

A clinical and forensic psychologist, Dr. Glenn Lipson, brings together risk assessment and prevention approaches to assist you in creating safer environments. These strategies “safeguard” others, clients, and our communities. The ability to address loneliness, restorative practices, organizational policies, interpersonal violence, harassment, and sexual misbehavior is essential. It is through our understanding of the specific pathways to harmful behaviors and by facilitating what promotes community and healthy relationships that we assist you with your risk management needs.

Making Right Choices (MRC) emphasizes prevention by applying assessments and psychological research. Addressed is contemporary integration of the influence of the cyber scape and the possible contribution of adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) and isolation.

In October of 2019, Dr. Lipson’s work was recognized by the National Association of Directors of Teacher Education and Credentialing when he received the Doug Bates Award. His contributions in the field of school “Professional Practices and Educator Misconduct” were the cornerstone of this recognition. This award highlights the contribution he has made “to the safety and welfare of school children.” Click here to learn more about the Doug Bates Award